Sturgeon gives up on education and picks a new "top priority"

Responding to Nicola Sturgeon telling the STUC a national care service will be her "top priority" in the next session of the Scottish Parliament, Alistair Carmichael MP said: 

"It looks like it's game over for education. That was the top priority for five years and every objective was missed.

"People who use care services and care workers deserve better than a part time government that would much rather spend their time arguing about independence than improving social care services. 

“The SNP restarted their second referendum campaign in September at the start of the second wave. If they cared about social care they would not have done that. 

"Scottish Liberal Democrats have set out clear plans for reforming the social care sector with national pay bargaining and national care standards to ensure that the sector can spring back from the pandemic. People can choose between an SNP MSPs that will neglect these vital services while their attention is elsewhere or Scottish Liberal Democrats who will put the recovery first."


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