Stop wasting time arresting people for cannabis possession

Scottish Liberal Democrat drugs emergency spokesperson Ben Lawrie has today questioned why police resources are wasted on tackling cannabis possession rather than targeting other serious crimes and criminal organisations, as new figures published by Police Scotland today revealed that in 2019-20 there were 12,400 cannabis drug possession crimes, more than every other drug combined. 

Ben Lawrie said:

"We know that the police are run off their feet. There are clearly a host of public safety matters more pressing that picking up people for low level cannabis possession. 

“Instead, the public want officers to target violent crime and redirect their focus towards keeping communities safe. 

"Punishing people for low level possession offences can leave them with a scar on their employment record that is hard to shake. 

"Scottish Liberal Democrats are committed to a common-sense approach to drugs policy which puts the emphasis on harm-reduction and getting treatment for those who need it". 


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