Stone makes pledge for PR

Jamie Stone, Liberal Democrat Candidate for Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross, has pledged to campaign for Proportional Representation and is supporting Make Votes Matter campaign for a fairer voting system.

Make Votes Matter is a cross-party campaign to introduce Proportional Representation to the House of Commons in Westminster.

Commenting Mr Stone said:

“Our political system needs a total overhaul. It is an indefensible system which produces unrepresentative results. Your vote shouldn’t count differently depending on which constituency you live in.

“The Liberal Democrats have long campaigned to fix this, and I spoke on the issue many times when in Parliament. If re-elected I will continue to fight for a fairer, more representative voting system.

“We know this can be achieved, in Scotland we already have a form of Proportional Representation to elect MSPs, and we need to work to ensure that all across the UK every vote counts and people are not disenfranchised because of a flawed voting system.

“Lib Dems want to see a better politics, one that is more representative, more co-operative and more diverse. Only then can we build a brighter future.”

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