Stone calls out UK Government "catastrophic decisions" in Afghanistan

After the House of Commons was recalled for an emergency debate on the developing situation in Afghanistan, Highlands MP, Jamie Stone, has called out the UK Government for their "catastrophic decisions".
The debate was called after the news that the Taliban have taken Afghanistan's capital, with very little military resistance. Following the US, UK and other NATO ally withdrawals from the country, Afghanistan was left open for the taking. Since then, terrible scenes have emerged of thousands of Afghan's attempting to flee the forthcoming Taliban regime. 
After the debate, Mr Stone commented:
"A safe passage corridor for anyone wanting to leave Afghanistan needs to be established with the utmost urgency. This would not only save lives but also prove that those who have served and died for our country and allies did not do so in vain. 
"I have already been in talks with the Highland Council who intend to facilitate asylum for any Afghan refugee who needs it but cannot do so without the proper funding from both UK and Scottish Governments. 
"Those who have aided our troops should be rewarded with a sufficient and swift settlement scheme. Interpreters, to name one group, have been essential to our troops in Afghanistan for the past twenty years and could continue this vital work if given the opportunity to do so. We need the skills of these people, for both the internal and international security of our nation.
"The events we are seeing unfold were not inevitable. We are witnessing the direct consequences of the catastrophic decisions taken by President Biden, the UK Government and other coalition forces. Talk of "sending British troops back in" is futile when this Conservative Government has cut the numbers of Armed Forces personnel so significantly, weakening and crippling our military bit by bit.
"It is all well and good calling Parliament back to debate the situation in Afghanistan but after today it is clear that the majority of the Commons are on the same page - that we need to get people out, now. Today, I saw Members from all sides of the House rightfully shame this Government for their mistakes. So many of us waited in the Chamber for six hours to speak on behalf of our constituents whilst the Prime Minister left after just two. That speaks volumes." 

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