We stand with the weak against the strong, and will use the power of government to tackle the social and economic injustices that limit freedom.


Social and economic injustices limit freedom. The more unequal a society is the weaker it is. The citizens of an unequal society suffer from poorer health, lower educational attainments, higher crime rates, and lower levels of trust and co-operation than they should. Government is justified in reducing inequalities in income and wealth.

Large corporations too often abuse their power and are frequently incapable of self-regulation. The growing gap in the 21st century between the best paid executives and the lowest paid workers can sometimes look like a return to the 19th century.

A liberal society therefore requires an active state to regulate markets, and to support a culture of business and enterprise that helps create a more equal society. A liberal government delivers public goods in the wide, common interest.

Poverty and ill- health, poor housing and a degraded environment, and a lack of education all limit an individual’s life chances and thereby restrict their capacity to be truly free.

We will harness the power of the State for the benefit of those most disadvantaged in society, and to ensure that each individual has an equal chance to realise his or her own potential. This will mean affirming, for example, that everyone has the right to a safe, warm home. The way government supports health and education services must reflect that many individuals are severely disadvantaged and need additional help. In a civilised, liberal society this is paid for by taxes that are fairly levied and fully paid.

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