SQA chief must go over human rights failings

Scottish Liberal Democrat education spokesperson Willie Rennie has today called for the resignation of the Chief Executive of the Scottish Qualifications Authority after it was revealed that the body has signed an agreement with the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) to improve its equality practices.

The EHRC established that the SQA was not routinely assessing the impact of its policies and practices against the three needs of the Public Sector Equality Duty, which requires public authorities to give due regard to the need to eliminate discrimination, advance equality of opportunity and foster good relations between different groups.

Willie Rennie said: 

"It's a serious matter for the SQA to be rebuked in this manner. It should never be necessary for a public body responsible for the futures of our children to be chided for its failure to meet its human rights obligations.  

"The position of the Chief Executive of the SQA is untenable. She has to go without delay.

"Liberal Democrats have consistently argued that education bosses have let down pupils and need to get out of the way to enable real reform to take place.

"Teachers, pupils and staff need to have faith that their needs will be met and their rights respected. Today's announcement only reaffirms that Fiona Robertson is not the right person to take the organisation forward.”

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