Spending Review shows price of SNP’s economic incompetence

Responding to the publication of the Scottish Government’s Spending Review, Scottish Liberal Democrat finance spokesperson John Ferry commented:

“Under the SNP, the Scottish economy has consistently been outpaced by the rest of the UK, meaning there’s less money to spend.

“We’ve seen money frittered away on botched projects from the ferries to the census. ScotWind, the best chance for generations to bring serious money into the public purse, was sold on the cheap after the government capped how much companies were allowed to pay. Next they want to spend countless millions stripping powers from local communities to create an expensive centralised National Care Service.

“It’s time to remove the drag of SNP economic mismanagement.”

On public sector pay, John Ferry added:

“The Scottish Government had two years to prepare for its running ScotRail, but it did precisely nothing to anticipate or avoid the dispute that is now reportedly costing the Scottish economy £80 million a week.

“We can’t afford for that same lack of preparation in other negotiations and disputes because otherwise it is going to cost everyone dearly. It needs the Scottish Government to be upfront about what its plan is for public sector workers in this cost of living crisis.”

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