Sleekit, cowering, timorous: the SNP's tax plans...

Today the SNP set out how they plan to use the new income tax powers coming to the Scottish Parliament.

And what did they propose to change?


Under the SNP’s plans, income tax rates will be frozen.

That means there won’t be any extra money, not a single pound more, to invest in our public services.

This is an exciting time for the Scottish Parliament.

The SNP and Scottish Liberal Democrats have both campaigned for more powers for Holyrood.

Nicola Sturgeon is not willing to use them - but we will.

Scotland cannot be the best again without investment in our public services, particularly in education.

That’s why Scottish Liberal Democrats have proposed a penny on income tax for education to raise £475 million a year for nurseries, schools and colleges. (You can read more about our plans here:

It’s a progressive plan – the richest 12% of Scots will contribute almost half of that total revenue raised with someone on £100,000 paying 30 times as much as someone on £21,000.

The SNP’s plan is a missed opportunity to block cuts to schools and our education system. 

They are frozen to the spot, unwilling to take on the responsibility that comes with greater power.

The SNP have a dismal record on actually using the powers they've spent their lives calling for. They had the chance to make a transformational investment on Scottish education. Instead they sat in their seats, laughing and clapping, while John Swinney made £500 million worth of cuts to councils. Half of what councils do is education.

They did nothing with powers that we already have. Now we know they will change nothing when more responsibilities come to Holyrood in 2017.

The SNP cannot keep refusing to use new tax powers coming to Scotland. They've got the powers they've always called for and now they need to use them.

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