SNP should stop meddling in Northern Irish politics

 The Deputy Leader of the SNP has been criticised for cack-handed meddling in Irish politics.  Yesterday Stewart Hosie demanded the devolution of Corporation Tax to Scotland following an agreement to devolve it to Northern Ireland as part of the ongoing peace process.

Now, Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie has urged the nationalist politician to back off from meddling in Irish politics.

Willie Rennie believes that the delicate peace process and shared land borders means that Northern Ireland has special requirements which are not reflected in Scotland. He also believes that Scottish politicians should not draw simplistic lessons from Northern Ireland and transfer them over the Irish sea.

Mr Rennie said:

“Of course the SNP are still campaigning for independence. I would not expect that to change. But they need to be careful in the political tactics they deploy to advance their cause.

“It is unfortunate that the SNP are using the delicate and sensitive politics of Northern Ireland for their own gain. This cack-handed meddling helps no-one especially the citizens of Northern Ireland.

“To draw simplistic lessons from over the Irish Sea risks unsettling the finely balanced agreements there.

“We all know that the Northern Ireland is unique. The Assembly was on the brink of collapse as community divisions are still apparent. It also has a shared land border with the Republic where Corporation Tax rates are significantly lower.

“People in Scotland have decided that we want to keep the United Kingdom including the single economic market. Stewart Hosie may not like the result but he needs to accept it.”

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