SNP must break the link between reoffending and homelessness

Scottish Liberal Democrat justice spokesperson Alison McInnes MSPhas urged SNP Ministers to take action to break the link between homelessness and re-offending.

A report published by Shelter Scotland today revealed that almost a third of inmates freed from prison have no housing to go to upon release. 

It found that two out of three offenders who were homeless after release go on to reoffend. The report noted that reoffending rates can be reduced by as much as a fifth if those leaving prison have stable accommodation to go to.

Commenting, Ms McInnes said:

“SNP ministers must take action to break the link between re-offending and homelessness.

“For every ex-prisoner reconvicted, the cost to the criminal justice system is around £13,000.

“The need to address the issues identified in this report is equally important for the offender as it is to the society we return them to.

“This report shows how simple steps, such as providing better advice before release, can give offenders the stability they need to make positive contributions to the communities they harmed.”

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