SNP MP suggests Yes Alliance and role for Alex Salmond

Responding to comments from Joanna Cherry in which she suggested that the SNP could stand as part of a Yes alliance in a future general election and called for a place in the wider campaign for Alex Salmond, Scottish Liberal Democrat deputy leader Wendy Chamberlain said:

“Joanna Cherry doesn't seem like she wants to vote SNP anymore.

"It's bizarre to see a member of Scotland's governing party so keen on rehabilitating Alex Salmond. Perhaps they are hoping Putin might lend them a hand.

"This is yet more evidence of a nationalist party that is completely oblivious to the issues that are affecting the average person day in day out. Scotland has just recorded its highest ever figures for sexual violence and its longest wait times for cancer treatment. These are the kinds of issues that deserve to be front and centre of a future election campaign, not the SNP's obsession with breaking up the UK."

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