SNP immigration claims are bogus – Jardine

Lib Dem MP for Edinburgh West Christine Jardine has today slammed the SNP for its misleading claims over its immigration policy.

The SNP have cited Canada as an example of a Federal system that has devolved immigration, claiming that the Canadian Provinces have control over their own immigration.

The Scottish Affairs committee, taking evidence from George Anderson, the former Canadian Deputy Minister of Interior Government Affairs, heard that the Provinces and Federal Government actually have joint responsibility on immigration.

Ms Jardine picked up on this point, asking: “So would it be fair to say then that, although Quebec can encourage people to come to Quebec, they don’t immigrate to Quebec. They live in Quebec but immigrate to Canada?”

Mr Anderson confirmed that was correct and that Provinces feed in to Federal policy.

Ms Jardine said:

“In the Scottish Affairs Committee, SNP members have asserted that Canada is a prime example of a devolved immigration system and that the implication of a system that splits up the UK for immigration purposes would be easy.

“In the light of Mr Anderson's evidence, it is clear that their claim is absolutely bogus.

“Demanding the devolution of immigration is yet another ploy to functionally divide the UK and promote their own agenda. We can address the issues of immigration in Scotland within the UK framework, we do not need to create an arbitrary border within the UK for immigrants”

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