SNP BiFab failure cost £262,000 per job

The Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie has today condemned the Scottish Government for failing to create long term renewable jobs with its £52.4million investment in BiFab. Speaking in an opposition party debate he said that the £262,000 spent per job has let down workers and the taxpayer.

Mr Rennie said: 

“500 workers were on the verge of filling up the BiFab yards to work on the NNG windfarm off the Fife coast but the Scottish Government couldn’t even get organised to build eight turbines.  

“If the reports are accurate that the government may lose over £52million it invested in BiFab it will mean each job cost £262,000 each, that’s over a quarter of a million pounds per temporary job. 

“If we had paid £50,000 per year to each worker to sit at home and do nothing for the next five years we’d still have money left over. 

“It is an astonishing waste of money but what is even more wasteful is the failed opportunity to bring economic opportunities for hundreds of people in Scotland. 

“The government should publish the legal advice on state aid without delay and immediately contact EDF and Siapen to ensure those eight jackets can still be built here if we get our act together.”

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