The SNP are bad for your health

blog_jh.jpgIf you ask people about the things they value most, their health – and that of their families – is usually towards the top of the list.

Staff in our NHS do fantastic work every day to help keep us on the go. But what has become increasingly clear is that doctors and nurses are not getting the support they need.

The SNP has been in charge of our health service for eight years and their record speaks for itself.

This week we saw Accident and Emergency waiting time targets missed for the 298th week in a row. Bed blocking, where healthy patients were kept in hospital beds longer than required, increased by 14% in just one month. And cancer treatment time targets were missed again.

These are not isolated incidents. Every month we hear the same excuses as to why standards are not up to scratch.

Sometime it feels like there is no area of our health service that has escaped. Young people in some parts of Scotland have been forced to wait more than 12 months for vital mental health treatment.

GP practices are under enormous pressure, with doctors forced to close their surgeries to new patients and training places left empty.

We know that there are no quick fixes here. If there were easy solutions to the challenges that our NHS is facing then they would have been introduced already. But the hard truth is that under the SNP, the numbers that should be going up are going down and vice versa.

I think our doctors and nurses deserve better from their government. I think families struggling with illness deserve better from their government.

The conclusion is clear. The SNP are bad for your health. It is time that they got to grips with these problems and took urgent action to address the challenges in our NHS.

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