Securing a Green Recovery

By Ryan Cairns, Apr 14, 2021 12:04

The climate emergency cannot wait. Unless there is urgent action to tackle out of control transport emissions, our environment and the health of future generations will suffer. 

As trustees of our world, Liberal Democrats understand we have a duty to pass on a sustainable legacy for future generations. 

But for too long people have seen all talk and no walk. The SNP promised Scotland would be the Saudi Arabia of renewables, but time and again they have failed to meet Scotland’s climate targets. 

Liberal Democrats will Put Recovery First and create new, green jobs to build back from the pandemic. We will:

  • Invest in green technology like offshore wind and hydrogen power.
  • Open new railways, improve local bus connections, make cycling safer.
  • Build a Scottish network of rapid chargers to help the switch to electric cars.

Our planet cannot wait any longer. 

It is time we got serious about tackling the climate crisis and ensure Scotland leads the world by example.

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