Secretive SNP twisting freedom of information legislation

Responding to the Scottish Information Commissioner Daren Fitzhenry’s new report into Scottish Government freedom of information handling, which found “a number of areas where performance and practice fell short” and “evidence of significant and systemic failures to comply with case file records management requirements”, Willie Rennie MSP said: 

“In the SNP’s secretive world, reasonable requests for information from journalist and the public are treated as hostile attacks. 

“From independence legislation to industrial interventions, the Scottish Government still refuses requests as a matter of course which will inevitably be overturned on appeal.  

“Meanwhile the Information Commissioner notes that routine requests are still being overseen by special advisers and that their role in this process is not being clearly and consistently recorded.  

“It’s shocking to read that on one occasion special advisers sat on a request for information about Covid patients in care homes for at least three months before responding. 

“Scottish Liberal Democrat ministers in government were responsible for introducing freedom of information legislation. SNP ministers are twisting that legislation to breaking point.” 

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