3 shocking things we learnt from the secret Tory memo

Yesterday the Daily Record published details of a secret Tory memo on their election strategy. 

Here's three shocking things we learnt:

1 - They have no plan for Scotland.

“The manifesto will not be presented as Our Plan for Scotland”

The memo sensationally reveals that the Tories don't intend to offer voters a platform for government for the next five years.

The secret is out. The Tories have no vision, no plan, and no solutions for the problems Scotland is facing.

2 - They want to pretend they are not Tories


The secret memo also says the Scottish Tories will try to distance themselves from George Osborne and David Cameron - hardly a surprise at a time when the Tories are cutting tax for the richest and cutting services for everyone else.

Voters in Scotland are not stupid. They know Tory cuts belong to Ruth Davidson every bit as much as George Osborne and David Cameron.

Ruth welcomed the UK Tory budget this week, days before Iain Duncan Smith resigned from the government and said that new cuts to disability benefits were indefensible.

Ruth Davidson might try to pull the wool over our eyes. But scratch the surface and it is the same old Tories.

3 - They're fighting to keep Scotland divided


18 months after the referendum, the secret memo shows that the Tories are more interested in re-running the referendum than working to boost our public services.

They want to keep our country divided because they think it might help them win a vote or two.

The Scottish Conservatives just don’t care.

They would rather focus on independence than getting our public services fit for the future.

No vision for Scotland. No plan for government. No thought for our public services. This is not the opposition that Scotland needs.

If you want a party that'll be a real, constructive, opposition in Holyrood, you need to vote for the party that's opposed police centralisation every step of the way.

You need to vote for a party that forced the SNP to extend free childcare & has held the SNP to account time and time again.

You need to vote for the Scottish Liberal Democrats on Thursday 5th of May.

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