Scottish Liberal Democrats will campaign for EU re-entry after Brexit

A motion passed at the Scottish Liberal Democrats conference has today called for the party to be “the voice for the majority in Scotland, who want Scotland inside the UK and the UK in the EU”

The motion encourages the party to:

seek to win support for a public vote across the whole UK on the final EU deal;

persuade the rest of the EU to be pragmatic in response to such demands;
- work with colleagues across the UK to be the UK-wide rallying point for all those who are pro-EU;

- and campaign for re-entry in the event of EU withdrawal.

The motion was amended with the addition of a call for Scottish Liberal Democrats to continue to make the case for the UK Government to unconditionally guarantee the expatriates from other EU member states the right to remain in the UK.

Proposer of the motion and MSP for Edinburgh Western, Alex Cole-Hamilton said:

“A majority of Scots voted to stay within the UK and a majority voted to stay within the EU. We are now the only party left representing that dual majority. 

“The Conservatives are pursuing a hard Brexit that will harm the economy, jobs and security. The SNP are inching closer to selling out remain voters for the lure of independence and Labour have descended into infighting. None of these parties are working to improve the country. 

“What’s more, for the first time, conference has asserted that in the event of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, we should adopt a policy of re-entry for the UK to the EU. 

“This motion reaffirms the Liberal Democrats as the only party advocating a truly internationalist platform of closer integration between the UK and EU; a platform that is essential for jobs, security and the environment.”

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