Scottish Liberal Democrats victorious in campaign against Super ID Database

Success! The SNP's super ID database has been stopped thanks to the Scottish Liberal Democrats and privacy campaigners.

By Liam McArthur MSP Mar 16, 2017 10

Scottish Liberal Democrat justice spokesperson Liam McArthur MSP has today declared victory in the campaign against the Super ID Database after the Scottish Government finally admitted it has dropped its proposals.

Following parliamentary questions from Mr McArthur, the Scottish Government admitted that it had “decided it would not be appropriate” to extend the NHS Central Register to 120 public bodies, from the Royal Botanic Gardens to Quality Meat Scotland. The plans have been dropped with immediate effect.

It comes two years after a consultation on the controversial proposals attracted criticism from the BMA, civil liberties campaigners and the Information Commissioner. The SNP Government also voted down a bid by the Liberal Democrats, backed by all opposition parties, for any changes to be the subject of full parliamentary scrutiny. 

Mr McArthur said: 

“After thousands of signatures, seven rounds of parliamentary questions and two years of Scottish Government prevarication, SNP ministers have finally admitted that they have ditched their dangerous plans.

“Expert after expert warned that a Super ID Database amplified the risk of misuse and raised the threat of our personal information being searched, profiled and mined. Giving every person a unique ID number would have opened the door to ID cards. 

“Today we have succeeded in putting a stop to this. I would like to pay tribute to my predecessor as Liberal Democrat justice spokesperson, Alison McInnes and the dozens of organisations who were outraged by the proposed creation of a Super ID Database. 

“The Scottish Government were willing to jeopardise our privacy without justification. Only the Liberal Democrats can be relied upon to stand up for civil liberties and we will ensure the intrusive Super ID Database is never rebooted.”

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