Scottish Liberal Democrats uncover rise in homelessness at Christmas

Scottish Liberal Democrats have described the fact that thousands of children are homeless at Christmas as a stain on our national conscience, after the party uncovered new figures showing that the number is rising.

On 25 December 2015, 26,320 adults and 11,200 children were registered as homeless, a rise of 8% and 16% respectively compared to two years earlier. The information was provided by the Scottish Government in a response to a freedom of information request. 

The Scottish Liberal Democrats have warned that the problem will only worsen further unless the SNP Government takes immediate action to tackle the housing crisis. 

The party’s housing spokesperson, Caron Lindsay, commented:

“It is absolutely heart-breaking to learn that more than 11,000 children were homeless last Christmas. It is intolerable that the number of families without a permanent roof over their head continues to rise.

 “Across the last three Christmas’, 100,000 people were homeless, almost a third of them children. 

“We judge the strength of a society by how it looks out for its most vulnerable. These figures are a stain on the national conscience.

“The Scottish Government have failed the children and families who don’t have stable warm home at Christmas. Many will have been in temporary accommodation but that it hardly a suitable or sustainable way of tackling homeless in the long term. The failure of the SNP to deliver on their previous social housing promises has undoubtedly contributed to this situation. 

“That is why the Scottish Liberal Democrats will continue to press SNP ministers to get a grip of the housing crisis and increase the number of homes for social rent.”

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