Scottish Liberal Democrats: Travesty families risk home loss

Responding to new research from Shelter showing many families would struggle to cover the cost of their housing if they lost their job, raising the threat of homelessness,  Scottish Liberal Democrats social security spokesperson Caron Lindsay commented:

“It’s an absolute travesty to see so many adults and children are at risk of losing their home should something go wrong. People have the right to have a roof over their heads. 

“The rising number of children living in temporary accommodation is a symptom of Scotland’s housing crisis. They won’t be helped one bit by the Scottish Government reneging on its commitment in the last Parliament to build 6,000 homes a year for social rent, with it only achieving two thirds of that number.” 

Scottish Liberal Democrat MSP Alex Cole-Hamilton added: 

“For many working families, a change in personal circumstances can happen with little warning and have devastating consequences. Should someone lose their home, spending months in temporary accommodation is far from ideal.

“Coupled with the fact this research confirms getting a deposit together to buy a house is not often not an option, this shows why the Scottish Government’s affordable housing policy needs to focus on creating warm homes for social rent.”

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