Scottish Liberal Democrats: Struggling kids may never catch up

Scottish Liberal Democrats have today urged the Scottish Government to step up to the challenge of tackling inequality and support struggling children after new figures showed the gap between the development of children from different backgrounds.

They reveal 26% of children from the most deprived backgrounds had at least one developmental concern, compared to 11% for those from the least deprived areas. 

The 27-30 month review is carried out by a member of staff from the health visiting team and is designed to review five areas of child development: communication and language; gross motor skills; fine motor skills; problem solving; and personal-social development.

Scottish Liberal Democrat children and young people spokesperson Sheila Thomson said:

 “These new figures shine a light on the 9,000 pre-school children recorded as having difficulties in speech, language and communication. 

“One in four children from the most deprived areas have at least one developmental concern compared to one in nine children from the least deprived parts of the country.

 “There is a real risk that once kids from the most deprived backgrounds fall behind, it is increasingly difficult for them to ever catch up. The Scottish Government needs to do more to tackle inequality and support children from an early age. 

“That’s why Scottish Liberal Democrats want childcare entitlement to be extended to all 2-year-olds, with new steps to give extra support to the most vulnerable families from an earlier age.”

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