Scottish Liberal Democrats respond to “watershed” misogyny report

Responding to the report of the Working Group on Misogyny and Criminal Justice, led by Baroness Helena Kennedy QC, recommending the creation of a Misogyny and Criminal Justice (Scotland) Act, Scottish Liberal Democrat deputy leader and former police officer Wendy Chamberlain MP commented:

“This report must be a watershed moment.

“Women need the law to stand with them and that means dedicated law that properly reflects our experiences. It must give women everywhere the confidence and reassurance that it can protect them from harmful misogynistic abuse and behaviour.”

Scottish Liberal Democrat spokesperson Caron Lindsay, who has led calls for a Commission to Prevent Violence Against Women and Girls, commented:

“Women shouldn’t have to the change their behaviour and constantly self-safeguard for the potential threat of violence and harassment. We shouldn’t have to think twice about whether to say something for fear of what it might spark.

“Decades of legislation haven’t provided the societal reset that needs to happen. The ambition to shift thinking and reset cultural norms is seismic but it is precisely what we should be committing ourselves to on this International Women’s Day.”

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