Scottish Liberal Democrats: “Dramatic” rise in complex care needs

Scottish Liberal Democrats have today warned of the threat Brexit poses to the social care sector after new figures revealed a “dramatic” rise in the number of people with high levels of support needs. 

A new report, published by ISD Scotland today, showed that the proportion of care home residents with the highest support needs increased by 186% between 2006 and 2014. 

Scottish Liberal Democrat social care spokesperson Karen Clark said: 

“These new figures show a significant increase in demand for care for people with high levels of support needs. Coupled with our ageing population, this suggests significantly more staff may be required in future. 

“The social care sector relies substantially on staffing from the European Union to maintain a high standard of care. But Brexit threatens the ability of social care providers to secure the staff that they need. It may already have had a chilling effect. 

“We can’t afford for talented and hardworking people to be put off or prevented from making Britain their home, particularly if they are able to work in sectors where we desperately need their talents.”

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