Scottish Government planning failures leave A&E “in the lurch”

Scottish Liberal Democrat health spokesperson Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP today reprimanded the Scottish Government for poor planning and leaving NHS staff “in the lurch” as new statistics reveal A&E performance has dropped back well below the 90% target.

Official figures released today show performance against the 4-hour waiting time target at 87.9% - the lowest level since April.

The Scottish Government’s target is 95%. This has not been achieved since July 2017.

The weekly figures also show 442 patients waited over 8 hours and 90 patients waited over 12 hours.

Alex Cole-Hamilton said:

“Patients and the public will be dismayed to see A&E waiting time performance at its lowest level since April.

“We know that the health service is under particular strain at this time of year. The Scottish Government has had countless opportunities to heed warnings from health professionals, but year after year they leave doctors and nurses in the lurch.

“Those working in our hospitals have their work held up by the lack of capacity in social care which prevents patients from moving on from A&E.

"Patients and professionals demand better from the Scottish Government. The Health Secretary needs to take urgent measures to get this under control so that staff have the resources and capacity they need to get the job done this winter.”

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