Scottish Government deletes long Covid debate plans

Speaking after the Scottish Government voted to remove a parliamentary debate on long Covid from the Scottish Parliament's agenda for this Thursday, Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Alex Cole-Hamilton said:

“I am dismayed that the Scottish Government has betrayed long Covid sufferers again.

“After the Scottish Liberal Democrat’s debate in December, a long Covid debate has been promised in government time. In March, the Scottish Government finally scheduled it for this Thursday. The motion today deletes that debate. 

“I know the government finds the prospect of this debate embarrassing. Because it would mean facing the music on how they have let down those suffering long Covid.

“There are no clinics in Scotland. No in-home support. Not a penny of the support fund has been spent. Less than 1% of sufferers accessing a critical support service. The sore truth is that people would be better off moving to England but that’s no excuse for withdrawing a much-needed debate.

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