Scottish and UK Governments “point scoring” instead of making progress on drugs deaths

Responding to the announcement that the Scottish Government will hold a drugs conference in Glasgow, the day before the UK Government holds its own drugs summit in the city, Scottish Liberal Democrat public health spokesperson Rosemary Bruce said:

“The Scottish and UK Governments ought to be working together to solve this crisis, not engaging in petty point scoring by holding separate conferences on the same issue in the same city only a day apart.

“Scottish Liberal Democrats have set out a clear, practical plan for how to turn this around, including protecting drug and alcohol partnership budgets, sending people to treatment instead of prison, and establishing proposals for a Scotland-wide network for the provision of heroin-assisted treatment. Unfortunately the SNP have done little to act while drug deaths soar.

“Nicola Sturgeon and Boris Johnson need to put their squabbles aside and work together to save lives.”

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