Scott wants Community Empowerment Bill strengthened to tackle SNP centralisation

Scottish Liberal Democrat Shetland MSP Tavish Scott today warned that the SNP’s community empowerment bill is like a hypnotist’s watch to distract from their centralisation agenda.

Speaking during the Stage 1 debate on the Community Empowerment bill, Scottish Liberal Democrats set out their commitment to hand power back to local communities.

Mr Scott said:

“This is the most centralising government Scotland has ever known.

“Every corner of Scotland has seen control of services taken to the central belt.

“The Community Empowerment Bill is designed to be a hypnotist’s watch hoping we will forget all about the SNP’s centralisation agenda.

“But the SNP have been found out. Voluntary organisations, community groups and more say that the bill needs to be strengthened if it is to meet expectations.

“Scottish Liberal Democrats want to hand power back to local communities because we know it will build a fairer society. We will push the SNP Government to strengthen this bill.”

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