Scott: Vaccination program errors "deeply concerning"

Shetland MSP Tavish Scott today said the news that almost 300 children and adults need to be re-vaccinated is “deeply concerning”.

His comments come as it is announced that due to vaccines at Lerwick Health Centre being stored incorrect temperature, their long-term effectiveness may be reduced and therefore hundreds of children and adults will need to receive booster vaccinations.

Whilst there is no harm to public health due to the mistake, a total of 171 children and teenagers, as well as 91 adults, will be offered repeat vaccinations.

Commenting, Tavish Scott said:

"It's essential that the patient welfare remains the number one priority. Therefore reports that nearly 300 children and adults in Shetland are to be re-vaccinated because vaccines at Lerwick Health Centre were stored at the wrong temperature is deeply concerning.

“Fortunately, on this occasion, no harm appears to have come to those involved. However, it is imperative that the investigation under way is concluded swiftly and new measures to prevent a similar incident are implemented.

“I will raise this with NHS Shetland given how important public confidence is in our Health Service.”

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