Scott: Tories should remove word 'unionist' from party name

Scottish Liberal Democrat MSP Tavish Scott today said that Ruth Davidson MSP should remove the word “unionist” from the name of her party as the Tory conference gets underway in Edinburgh.

He said alternative names such as HSE (Hopelessly Split on Europe) and Cuts R US are available according to the Electoral Commission website.

Mr Scott said that the actions of the Prime Minister following the referendum and the divisive campaign tactics Ms Davidson’s party has pursued since that point mean they cannot claim they are acting in the best interests of the union. He also accused Ms Davidson of repeating false claims about the commitment of other parties to Scotland’s place in the UK.

Mr Scott said: “Ruth Davidson needs to take a long, hard look at the actions of the Prime Minister after the referendum, where he put their party before our country. She has to consider the impact of posters that sprung up across other parts of the UK during the general election campaign which featured Alex Salmond picking England’s pocket.

“By any objective measure, the tactics that the Conservatives have pursued since the referendum have not been calculated to keep Scotland part of the UK. The Tories and the SNP are two peas in a pod in this respect, united in their desire to pursue division instead of focussing on the big issues facing Scotland today.

“Meanwhile, Ms Davidson is wrong about Liberal Democrats’ commitment to the United Kingdom. Before she goes to the bother of throwing any more money at any more dodgy leaflets, let me set her mind at rest. Willie Rennie and others in our party have spent the best part of five years campaigning to keep our country together. He has always believed that Scotland is better placed within the UK and he always will.

“I know that party conferences are a busy time and Ruth Davidson will have a lot on her mind. But I would urge her to take this chance to be clear with the voters about her party and the union. The Tories have singularly failed to act in the interests of the union since the referendum. So I would encourage them to be up front with the voters and remove the word “unionist” from the name of their party.

“I have checked on the Electoral Commission website. “Millionaires First”, “Hopelessly Split on Europe (HSE)” and “Cuts R Us” are all available as alternative party names. I look forward to seeing which of these the Tories prefer.”

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