Scott: Thatcherite testing pitting school classes against each other

Scottish Liberal Democrat education spokesperson Tavish Scott MSP has today criticised the Scottish Government’s over their 'Thatcherite' policy of school testing after it was revealed that data released by the Scottish Government is already resulting in classrooms being pitted against each other.

The comments come after a report in the Times today revealed that shortly after the first set of results on school testing were published in December a stage by stage analysis with separate statistics for P1, P4 and P7 was sneaked out, making it possible in some cases to identify the work of individual classes and teachers.

The EIS is amongst those warning that this is not what was promised, with the Scottish Government previously claiming that the assessments of children as young as four and five would only contribute to an overall picture of school performance

Commenting Mr Scott said:

“The Scottish Government's reaction to a decade of educational failure is a return to an old policy - a Tory policy. It has already allowed classroom to be compared with classroom. This is back to the Tories’ school league tables championed by that arch Thatcherite Michael Forsyth.

"Teachers, parents and pupils across the county are wondering why they are now to be used in this way by a nationalist government more interested in a second independence referendum than sorting out the mess they have created by their own indifference to Scottish education.”

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