Scott: SNP bury critical education report

Scottish Liberal Democrat education spokesperson Tavish Scott MSP today attacked the Scottish Government for burying a new report by its International Council of Education Advisers, which contained criticisms of the SNP Government’s approach.

The report was buried on the Scottish Government’s website. It was not the subject of a press release and did not appear in the list of new publications.

The Council expressed concerns that “…education policy was moving away from the ‘whole child’ approach of CfE towards a more specific, measurable approach…”. The experts also “advised against becoming too focused on changing the structure of the education system when, arguably, the more important aspects are the culture and capacity within the system”.

Mr Scott commented:

“It is no surprise that the Scottish Government has sought to bury a report it commissioned from international experts at great expense. It directly criticises the SNP’s dangerous focus on the restructuring of the education system and more testing of children.

“Ministers neglected to tell parents and teachers that they were playing hide and seek with this report. They will be deeply unimpressed by the SNP Government giving them the run-around.

“The Scottish Government is wrong to try and exert ever greater ministerial control over local education and its roll out of national testing will put unnecessary pressure on teachers and pupils. Instead, they should let teachers get on with teaching and ensure they and pupils have the support and resources they need.”

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