Scott: Scot Gov should get head out of the sand on education failings

Scottish Liberal Democrat education spokesperson Tavish Scott MSP has today said that the Scottish Government should get its head out of the sand and concentrate on supporting teachers and not another independence referendum after a survey showed that 86% of teachers feel that their workload has increased.

EIS has today published figures on the pressure teachers face.  86% of teachers say their workload has risen in the last year while 32% say their workload has increased significantly.

Commenting Mr Scott said:

“Teachers believe that their workload is rising, not falling. We have had a year of assurances from the Scottish Government that they are tackling this major problem. But teachers say the problem is getting worse rather than better. Instead of nationalist spin, teachers, parents and pupils want concrete action.

“86% of teachers say their workload has risen in the last year. John Swinney however has his head in the sand and refuses to accept the pressure our teachers face. It demonstrates that this government is out of touch with the reality of teaching across Scotland.

“What Scottish schools and teachers need is a government committed to delivering improvement, not obsessing over a second divisive independence referendum.”

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