Scott: “Rigid” standardised testing misguided

Scottish Liberal Democrat education spokesperson Tavish Scott MSP has today written to the Education Secretary to ask what advice it has received from his international council of educational experts on the damaging effects of standardised testing. 

The letter comes after Professor Andy Hargreaves, a senior international adviser to John Swinney on education policy, attacked the reasoning behind the Scottish Government's key policy of standardised testing, accusing it of causing “ill-being” to students and devaluing teacher judgement. 

Mr Scott said: 

“We are already seeing signs that standardised testing will be used to put pupils and schools into league tables.

“This rigid system is misguided and in contrast with the ethos of Curriculum for Excellence. Teaching to the test seems inevitable and it will not help schools and teachers already burdened with bureaucracy, increased class sizes, and cuts to education budgets.

“Professor Hargreaves is right to say that these changes are bad for pupils and bad for teachers, and I will be writing to John Swinney to ask him whether the rest of his council of educational advisors have given him the same advice.” 

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