Scott: Ministers have taken cynical approach to information

Speaking in response to Scottish Government comments on the Scottish Liberal Democrats’ Freedom of Information story published today, spokesperson Tavish Scott MSP said:

“It is typically duplicitous of the SNP to claim they are being held to account for the amount of information released. The issue is all about when they release it.

“The Scottish Government has calculated how to frustrate investigative journalists, who sometimes take months to assemble the evidence.

“Ministers have taken an intensely cynical and underhand way to undermine the work of any particular journalist doing their job in asking tough questions.

“What is particularly pathetic about this government is that if they answered parliamentary questions and journalists’ queries with openness there would be a lot less need to use Freedom of Information laws to get the facts. This mess is entirely of the SNP’s own making.

“The case for an independent assessment of their institutional behaviour is overwhelming and unanswerable.”

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