Scott: Grants and bursaries slashed under SNP

Scottish Liberal Democrat education spokesperson Tavish Scott today said the SNP have "slashed" grants and bursaries after new higher education figures revealed they are nowhere near the levels of 10 years ago.

The total amount paid in bursaries and grants is 27% lower than it was a decade ago, with the average amount paid per student falling 22%.

Meanwhile, student loans have ballooned. The total value of loans has risen 183% and the average loan authorised per student has risen by 119%.

Commenting on the figures, Mr Scott said:

"Under the SNP, bursary and grant support has been slashed. This is terrible news for students from less well off backgrounds.

"The SNP were elected in 2007 on a commitment to replace loans with grants and to "dump the debt". However, precisely the opposite has happened. This has harmed efforts to widen access.

“Scottish Liberal Democrats would repair the damage the SNP has done to bursaries and grants for students and cut monthly costs for graduates by raising the repayment threshold.”

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