Scott: Farmers need transparency on LFASS payment timetable

Scottish Liberal Democrat rural affairs spokesman Tavish Scott MSP has called on Richard Lochhead come clean on any delays he expects to payments made under the Less Favoured Areas Support Scheme (LFASS).

Questioning the Cabinet Secretary last week, Mr Scott pressed him to come clean on when LFASS payments will be made, as farmers and crofters up and down the country fear delays to the distribution of basic payments could have a knock-on effect on other CAP schemes.

Payments made under the Less Favoured Areas Support Scheme (LFASS) have traditionally been made in the first two weeks of March.

Mr Scott said: “Last week at Holyrood I asked Richard Lochhead to tell crofters and farmers when they could expect LFASS payments. If he cannot guarantee them to be paid in March he should say so now.

“Lambing is fast approaching. Many croft and farm businesses are facing real pressures because of the CAP payment shambles. Is there anything this government can get right when it comes to transferring EU monies that should be in the bank accounts of crofters?

“LFASS payments are financially more important to many crofters than the CAP payment. So it is essential they are made as quickly as possible.”

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