Scott: Damning indictment of SNP shipping policy

Responding to Audit Scotland’s new report on Transport Scotland’s ferry services, Shetland MSP Tavish Scott said:

“Audit Scotland's damning indictment of this SNP government's approach to ferry services shines a bright light on the SNPs’ blatant geographic discrimination and lays bare that Islanders in Orkney and Shetland have been paying for ferry fare reductions on the west coast. 

“Moreover, as subsidy to the North Isles has been cut, we have had year-on-year fare increases, especially on freight. Just this week the Northern Isles freight industry reacted with fury to the 2.9% fares increase imposed by the SNP. 

“The government claim to have been reviewing freight fares, but it is now clear that a reduction for passengers and cars which principally helps tourists and not residents, will be paid for by the cost of everything going up as the islands freight costs rise.

“If this government has a shipping policy it is obscured by fog somewhere between Lerwick and Aberdeen.” 

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