Scott calls for meaningful island devolution plan

Scottish Liberal Democrat Shetland MSP Tavish Scott has warned the First Minister against remaining stuck in her party's centralising ways.

In an interview this morning, Nicola Sturgeon said that income from the Crown Estate could be given to island communities instead of full powers over Crown Estate revenues.

This comes despite the Smith Commission calling for more powers to be devolved to local communities.

Mr Scott said:

"The SNP agreed with the Smith recommendations of devolving full powers to the islands. Either the First Minister doesn't know the detail of the agreement or she is reneging on the Smith Commission. 

"Power doesn't come in the form of a cheque handed to communities, it comes by being able to write the cheque. Surely the First Minister would agree that the best people to steward the Crown Estate resources around islands like Shetland are the people who live there?

"Significant new powers are to come to Scotland as part of the five party Smith Commission. But Lord Smith also made clear that those powers must travel north of St Andrews House. SNP Ministers must bring forward meaningful plans to devolve powers to island communities, otherwise we can only assume that the SNP remains stuck in its centralising ways."

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