Scott: Audit vindicates need for investment in colleges

Scottish Liberal Democrat education spokesperson Tavish Scott MSP today said that a new Audit Scotland report, highlighting deteriorating college finances and the serious challenges facing the sector, vindicates calls for new investment to repair Scotland’s colleges.

Commenting, Mr Scott said:

“Scottish Liberal Democrats have consistently argued the need to repair our colleges following years of SNP cuts. This Audit Scotland report vindicates our calls for significant new investment to boost the economy and help people get on in life.

“The results of the SNP’s cuts are obvious. There are 150,000 fewer college places today compared to when the SNP came to power. The Scottish Government’s narrow, short-term focus has slashed opportunities for lifelong and part-time learning, depriving many of the chance to gain the new skills they and our businesses need. This report rightly calls into question the sustainability of this approach.

“If the SNP Government is serious about boosting our economy and repairing our slipping education system then serious new investment to repair our colleges is essential.”

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