Scotland stands taller as part of the UK

Liberal Democrat Secretary of State for Scotland Alistair Carmichael today said Scotland stands taller as part of the UK in an eve of poll message to referendum voters.

Speaking as the last full day of campaigning before polls open got underway, Mr Carmichael said:

"When we vote we will have an enormous decision to take.

"Do we stay with a UK family of nations in which, together, we have built the NHS, the BBC, world class armed forces, and the eighth largest economy in the world?

"Or do we take the irreversible step of breaking up that family and going it alone?

"Two years after this process began, we arrive at polling day still without answers to key questions. What currency would we use? What terms would we need to accept to get into the EU? How could we maintain our NHS when the Scottish Government has already cut its funding and independent experts warn of a £6 billion funding gap if we leave the UK.

"Ultimately Scotland is stronger and stands taller as part of our United Kingdom. This Thursday we should say No Thanks to walking away and, in doing so, vote for a stronger Scottish Parliament in our United Kingdom."

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