Scotland should build a museum of Empire and Slavery

Scottish Liberal Democrat MSP for Edinburgh Western Alex Cole-Hamilton has today used a Scottish Parliament debate to call for Scotland to build a Museum of Empire and Slavery to inform and educate about the role of Scots in the slave trade and the colonial era.

Mr Cole-Hamilton said:

"Until this week I think many of us did not know the full story behind prominent Edinburgh figures like Henry Dundas.

"From India to the West Indies, the time is ripe for an honest reappraisal of the role of Scots and Scotland in the colonial projects.

"We must use this as a teachable moment, to reflect on our history and learn from it. That's why I support calls for Scotland to construct a museum of Empire and Slavery.

 "There is a responsibility on us all to identify and dismantle barriers of structural racism that exist in our society. Learning the lessons of the past will allow us to do better in the future."

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