Scotland can stand strong and proud in the UK

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie has today marked St Andrews day by saying that his party's plans to stop independence will allow Scotland to stand strong and proud in the UK.

On a visit to the St Andrews aquarium, Mr Rennie said:

"I want to see Scotland working in partnership with our neighbours as we have done for hundreds of years. From pushing forward the frontiers of science to building the NHS we have always been stronger when we work together.

“Nicola Sturgeon’s plan to break up the UK puts all that at risk but we have a chance to make it stop on December 12th by voting Liberal Democrat.  The clock is ticking as the SNP want the split next year so we need to act now to make sure it stops now.

“So on St. Andrews Day let’s act to make the division stop.”

"I am a proud Scot, Brit and European and I believe that the last thing we need is more division. The SNP have learned nothing from Brexit. They should realise by now that breaking up is hard to do. The Liberal Democrats want Scotland to stand tall in the UK rather than cut and run with independence."

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