Scot Lib Dems to lead debate on austerity Growth commission

The SNP's growth commission confirms that the price of independence would be years of austerity and less money for public services, Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie has today warned as he prepares to lead an opposition day debate  on finance and the constitution.

The Scottish Liberal Democrats will ask the parliament to back the motion that "That the Parliament notes the analysis of the Sustainable Growth Commission; further notes the commission’s statements on public spending, the volatility of oil revenues, the economic volatility of small countries, Scotland’s control over the pound, and the extended period of financial pain, and believes that independence would be damaging for Scotland."

Speaking ahead of the debate, Mr Rennie said

“The Scottish Growth Commission is a substantial piece of work.  It admits how challenging an independent Scotland’s finances would be.

“This is not some flimsy report easily dismissed - it’s in the words of the First Minister’s own close advisors.

“The report admits an independent country would face at least a decade of pain with cuts to public services without the back up of significant oil revenues.   It would have no control over its currency with an economy that was prone to greater volatility.

“The future of the NHS will be undermined by the weakness of the Scottish finances. To save the NHS we need to remain in the UK.”

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