Scot Lib Dems: Thousands relying on smooth devolution of benefits

Following the introduction of the Social Security Bill, paving the way for the devolution of powers over eleven benefits, Scottish Liberal Democrat social security spokesperson Caron Lindsay commented: 

“In the Smith Commission, Scottish Liberal Democrats pushed for extensive new powers to come to Scotland and we’re delighted to see that the delivery of these powers is moving forward. 

“This is a significant milestone towards establishing the new Scottish social security system. 

“It is essential that the Scottish Government gets this right because the quality of life of so many people in need depend on it. They are relying on a smooth transition and for the new system to be sensitive to their needs.

"Liberal Democrats are willing to work with the Scottish Government and others to ensure that the new system is accessible, fair and dignified.

"We particularly welcome an early increase in payments to carers but recognise that more must be done to support carers including provision of respite care when they need it."

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