Scot Lib Dems speak out ahead of Withdrawal bill debate

Liberal Democrat Scottish Affairs spokesperson Christine Jardine MP has today called on SNP and Labour MPs to stand up for their constituents and back proposals for a People’s vote on the final Brexit deal.

Speaking ahead of two days of debate on the EU Withdrawal bill, Ms Jardine said:

“In the House of Lords, Liberal Democrats have joined with representatives from across the political spectrum to propose amendments offering enhanced scrutiny, guaranteeing environmental standards and protecting devolution. Now it is the turn of the House of Commons to ensure that these sensible amendments become part of this bill.

“Every Scottish constituency voted to remain in the EU so rather than embrace the nonsense emerging from their party leaders, every Scottish MP should be backing our proposals for a people’s vote on the final Brexit deal.

“Brexit has already made us all poorer and done huge damage to our international reputation. That’s why we should be about putting the people back in charge of the process, with the chance to exit from Brexit.”

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