Scot Lib Dems: National Investment Bank must pack a real punch

Scottish Liberal Democrat economy spokesperson Carolyn Caddick has today warned that a Scottish National Investment Bank must have the support and resources to “pack a punch” after the failure of previous SNP economic initiatives to have an impact. 

The First Minister today launched a public consultation on the details of the bank’s operation. 

Councillor Caddick said: 

“Previous SNP economic initiatives have launched with great fanfare yet fallen woefully short. A year ago the First Minister promised half a billion pounds of guarantees and loans to Scottish companies but the Scottish Growth Fund still hasn’t paid out a single penny yet. 

“That's why SNP ministers must ensure that the National Investment Bank has the support and resources that it needs to pack a real punch. 

"With growth slow, the bank must deliver serious investment in the Scottish economy.

“Scottish Liberal Democrats recognise the importance of delivering a transformational investment in education and skills as the best route to establishing a high-wage, high-skill economy.”

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