Scot Lib Dems launch Federalism drive

Scottish Liberal Democrats have today launched a new drive for federalism, calling for "A new set of constitutional arrangements to replace the treaties of union". This drive will be led by Lord Purvis, former MSP, now member of the House of Lords and member of the Commission on Parliamentary Reform.

Lord Purvis said:

“Scottish Liberal Democrats have been at the vanguard of pressing the case for a reformed, federal, fair and prosperous UK where the aspirations of the people of Scotland can be met. We have been instrumental in every stage of Scotland’s constitutional journey from the Scottish Constitutional Convention to the 2015 Scotland Act. 

“The momentum for a federal UK is building with Kezia Dugdale now coming out in support of our long established policy. A new set of constitutional arrangements to replace the treaties of union was exactly what was proposed by Lord Campbell's commission on Federalism in 2012. 

“While we reject the siren sounds of nationalism and independence we believe there is an optimistic and modern alternative. The answer to Brexit is not the nationalism of the SNP. Brexit draws this in to very sharp focus. In many ways our belief in the UK and the EU gives us a unique position in Scotland that no other party has.” 

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