Scot Lib Dems in favour of stronger Russian sanctions

The Scottish Liberal Democrat conference today backed an emergency motion on the activities of the Russian state in the UK which calls for the UK’s access to the European Arrest Warrant system to be retained and for Russian state-sponsored media organisations to have their licences revoked.

Members were unanimous in their condemnation of the Salisbury attacks, demanded full investigations to be conducted wherever there is evidence of a foreign power posing a threat to British people and called on elected representatives and everyone in public life to refuse to appear on Russian sponsored TV networks.

Speaking in the debate, Liberal Democrat foreign affairs spokesperson Christine Jardine MP said:

“Our intelligence agencies have identified the Russian agents who used a chemical weapon on the streets of Salisbury. This is not the plot of some second-rate spy novel. This is the reality of our 21st century.

“What we need now are stronger sanctions, investigations into just how Russian money in this country is being used and a clamp down on money laundering.”

On Russia Today, she said:

“Russia Today is an arm of Kremlin propaganda. They should have their broadcasting licence removed.

“But while they still have those licences, any person in public life or politics should refuse any request to appear or have any form of commercial relationship with those media organisations.”

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