Scot Lib Dems: Halt Universal Credit roll out

Speaking after the Liberal Democrats autumn conference passed a motion calling on the Government to halt the roll out of Universal Credit, Scottish Liberal Democrat social security spokesperson Caron Lindsay said: 

"Families waiting weeks for their first payment are having to borrow money to make ends meet and rent arrears are going through the roof.

“As if this wasn’t enough, Conservative cuts to the amount people can earn before their benefits are reduced are destroying incentives to find work, while inflation is eroding the value of those benefits even further.

“With the Tories misplacing their majority in June, there is a massive opportunity to work with MPs of other parties to force them to think again on this. 

“Scottish Liberal Democrats welcome the Scottish Government's plans to offer direct payments to landlords but we are also asking them to ensure that individual payments can be made to each member of a household. This is an important protection for people in abusive relationships, who are predominantly women. If physical abuse is going on, it's likely there will be financial abuse as well.

“We need to send a message to the Government that we will not stand by and let them ruin lives of some of the poorest and most vulnerable people in our society.”

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